From Data to Insights
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ReportPlus enables data discovery & data visualization to quickly create – not just retrieve – reports & share strategic enterprise insights on your mobile device, ensuring you have the latest information to make real-time, informed decisions. Connect to enterprise data sources including SQL Server, MySQL, Dynamics CRM, Salesforce, Reporting Services, Analysis Services OLAP cubes, Excel or SharePoint. And sharing those insights has never been easier. Compose and email dashboards or export them to PowerPoint. Annotate files and send them to colleagues; open and save dashboards in SharePoint Libraries.
Enterprise Connections
Secure access to virtually every data source provides the ability to find insights across databases. Link up to the widest variety of data sources. ReportPlus makes it easy and intuitive to establish a connection between your iPad, iPhone, or Android device and your data. Need to visualize data across two data sources for example Oracle and SalesForce? It's easy to create a view that can show the actual and budgeted sales in your Oracle database and integrate that with the forecasted sales in CRM.
Connect to any Data
Creating your first ReportPlus dashboard is a simple process. We'll interface with virtually any datasource from Microsoft Excel files to Big Data, we've got you covered.
  • Microsoft Excel
  • SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Hadoop Hive
  • Analysis Services Server
  • PostgreSQL Server
  • Reporting Services Server
  • Sybase
  • appFigures
  • Flurry
  • Google Analytics
  • Web Resources
  • OData sources
  • IMAP Mail Server
  • Salesforce
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • UserVoice
  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • SharePoint
Reportplus Dashboards
Amazing Dashboards
Drag & Drop Dashboard Authoring
Once you drop your data onto the dashboard canvas, you can filter, aggregate, and customize the way your dashboard is displayed.
Amazing Visualization
Need to show lots of data? You might need a grid. What about showing performance over time? You’ll want a trend line. What about sales over geographies? You’ll want a map. What about financial data? You might need a gauge or chart. Whatever you can visualize, you can build.
Dashboard Templates
Pick an existing template and be up and running in seconds. ReportPlus comes with templates for Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics, Sales Pipeline, Time Cards, Case Management, Website Visits, and Email Analytics. Now you can produce professional-looking dashboards in a snap.
Customize with Ease
It’s easy to make your dashboard look just the way you want it. ReportPlus helps you change colors, add images, borders, margins, and padding. All designed to make your dashboard look perfect.

Sharing Made Easy
Communication and sharing has never been easier. Compose and email dashboards or export them to PowerPoint. And annotate files and send them to colleagues.
Email Dashboards
If you’ve got other team members that have ReportPlus, you can share your dashboards and reports directly. And for those that don’t have ReportPlus yet, you can email the files or a screenshot of the main images with a tap.
Annotate & Export to PowerPoint
ReportPlus displays data in a highly visual way. Exporting to PowerPoint just makes sense. Make changes and annotations to ReportPlus dashboards and images right from within PowerPoint. Share annotated slides with co-workers for simple collaboration.
Enterprise Ready
Advanced Data Protection
Advanced Data Protection protects your data with security features including:
  • multi-factor authentication
  • authentication time bomb
  • enterprise certificates support
  • Smart Card support
  • remote wipe
  • passcode lock
  • editor whitelisting
  • enhanced app encryption
  • permission-based hiding
  • Multiple users on the same device with the Enterprise Kiosk mode
In-House Deployment
In-house Deployment is critical to ensure that applications are managed by IT. SharePlus can be distributed in-house via mobile device manager platforms – including Good, AirWatch, MobileIron, Sybase Afaria, and many others – or be published in an internal portal or through File Share ("Ad-Hoc Over-the-Air").
It's your data and it's your business. SharePlus enables support for customization of the experience to show off your corporate brand as well as changing the functionality of the application to suit your specific requirements. And with integrated enterprise security features including multi-factor encryption, remote wipe and encryption you can rest easy that your data is secure. And with support for major mobile device management software, you are in complete control. And we can work with you to build a customized version tailored to your enterprise needs.
Choose a plan that's right for you.





    Connect to SharePoint
    Open & Import Excel documents
    Connect to Microsoft Reporting Services Server
    Support for required, linked & multivalue SSRS params
    Discover SQL Server Instances in the network
    Connect to Microsoft SQL Server
    Connect to Microsoft Analysis Services
    Connect to MySQL
    Connect to Oracle
    Connect to Sybase
    Connect to OData source
    Connect to Dropbox
    Connect to IMAP
    Connect to Web resources
    Connect to Microsoft Dynamics CRM
    Connect to Salesforce
    Connect to Google Analytics
    Connect to Google Drive
    Connect to Twitter
    Connect to Facebook


    Grid View
    Text View
    Picture View
    Charts View
    2 Y-Axis Chart View
    Map View
    Gauge View (Circular, Linear, Text)
    Conditional formatting
    DIY Extensible HTML+JS Visualization

  Interact & Analyze

    Sort, Filter, Transpose, Pivot
    Cascading Filters
    MDX & SQL Query Editors
    Global Filters & Widget Binding
    Calculated Fields
    Join Data from Multiple Data Sources


    Drag and drop wysiwyg dashboard authoring
    Style Dashboards
    Dashboard Templates
    Navigation Between Dashboards

 Sharing & Collaboration

    Email image
    Email dashboard
    Annotate widgets on Export
    Export to PPT
    Export to PDF
    Export to MS Word


    Data Protection iOS encryption enabled
    Passcode Lock
    Encrypted dashboard definition
    LDAP Intergation


    Centralized configuration
    Feature Trimming
    Connect to custom or legacy enterprise data sources
    Native SDK: Integrate ReportPlus into your app


    On Premise Dashboard Repository

 Multiplatform Support

    HTML Dashboard Viewer
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