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SharePlus makes sharing simple using SharePoint on your mobile device. Using customizable "LaunchPads" you can create visual navigation across your SharePoint site. Browse SharePoint sites and libraries and work with documents and lists, when you have network connectivity and offline. Search, filter, sort and group information to quickly reach the information you need. Create amazing charts and pivot tables from SharePoint Lists and Excel spreadsheets. Find the experts on your network using People Search and discuss your insights with enterprise social messaging. Be in sync with your team by checking documents in and out, sharing Calendars, Task Lists, Contacts, and Issues and share content in MySite and OneDrive for Business.
Mobile Collaboration
Open and share documents stored on your SharePoint server. Modify those documents online or offline and then sync them securely for efficient mobile collaboration.
Online and Offline Editing
Work with SharePoint lists and documents while connected or let the app sync the lists you need in the background for offline work. Edit files while offline and automatically re-sync when you’re back at the office. If a file was changed while you were out, the app will detect the collision and ask you what version to keep.
Document Editing on the Go
Edit your Microsoft Word®, Microsoft Excel® or Microsoft PowerPoint® documents with the best mobile editors available.
Collaborate Across SharePoint
Work with SharePoint Calendars, Task Lists, Contacts, Issues, Discussion Boards and Announcements. Manage your Blogs and Wikis. Drop content on MySite or SkyDrive Pro to instantly, and effortlessly share with your team.
Analytics on the Go
With Infragistics, your data comes to life. Search, filter, sort and group to quickly reach the information you need. Create stunning charts and pivot tables from virtually any data source.
Amazing Dashboards
With included ReportPlus integration, you can create amazing dashboards by simply dragging and dropping your data where you want it. Choose the type of chart from table, Bar, Line, Pie, Gauge, Map and more you can share your insights on your device or as a PowerPoint presentation.
Enterprise Search
Enterprise Search taps in SharePoint's global search support to provide querying against everything in SharePoint even search against your local documents when you're offline. Finding information buried in SharePoint structures is simple with Enterprise Search.
Enterprise Ready
Advanced Data Protection
Advanced Data Protection protects your data with security features including:
  • multi-factor authentication
  • authentication time bomb
  • enterprise certificates support
  • Smart Card support
  • remote wipe
  • passcode lock
  • editor whitelisting
  • enhanced app encryption
  • permission-based hiding
  • Multiple users on the same device with the Enterprise Kiosk mode
Enterprise Social Networking
Enterprise Social Networking liberates your team with social media functionality built-into SharePlus for collaborating at work. With support for MySite/SkyDrive Pro, My Profile, My Newsfeed, blogs, Meeting Workspaces, and the ability to add contacts from SharePoint to your device, SharePlus brings social to SharePoint.
In-House Deployment
In-house Deployment is critical to ensure that applications are managed by IT. SharePlus can be distributed in-house via mobile device manager platforms – including Good, AirWatch, MobileIron, Sybase Afaria, and many others – or be published in an internal portal or through File Share ("Ad-Hoc Over-the-Air").
It's your data and it's your business. SharePlus enables support for customization of the experience to show off your corporate brand as well as changing the functionality of the application to suit your specific requirements. And with integrated enterprise security features including multi-factor encryption, remote wipe and encryption you can rest easy that your data is secure. And with support for major mobile device management software, you are in complete control. And we can work with you to build a customized version tailored to your enterprise needs.
Build custom launch pads which provide a web dashboard. It’s easy for your business or in partnership with Infragistics to create launch pads using html and Javascript to create rich interfaces. With images, CSS and JavaScript you can create interfaces with animations and rich content. These dashboards are synced to the device, so they are available even when you are offline.
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 Quick access to Content

    Sidebar with access to Content Hubs
    Recent Content and Favorites
    Recommended Content (SP 2013 only)
    Application Launchpads
    Custom Site Homes

 Browse SharePoint Content (online & offline)

 Edit Content

    Add, edit & delete list items and documents
    File editing via native 3rd party apps and Office Web Apps
    Check In/Check Out and Approve/Reject Support
    “Save as Draft” (save to device) Support
    In-App PDF Annotation and PDF Forms (read only)
    SharePoint Document Versioning
    Offline Synchronization with collision resolution
    InfoPath Forms


    Send files by Mail (attachment and URL)
    Add User Profiles and Contact Items to device Contacts
    Wi-Fi Sharing

 Enterprise Search

    Integration with SharePoint Server Search Engine
    Unified Search for content in all connected portals

 ReportPlus Integration

 Social Hub

    Newsfeeds (SP 2013) and change notifications (Alerts)
    MySite/OneDrive Support
    People navigation and search
    Browse Colleagues (SP 2010), Followers and Followees (SP 2013)

  Enterprise Security


    App Passcode Lock
    Native Support for Windows, Forms, Office 365, and Web Login
    Integrated Client-Side Certificates
    Custom authentication methods

 Advanced Security

    Editor Whitelisting
    Passcode Fail handle (including Data Wipe)
    Authentication Time-Bomb
    Kiosk Mode


    In-House Deployment (OTA w/Remote Update)
    MDM Server Deployment

 Advanced Configuration

    Centralized Configuration
    Per-site Configuration (MobileNavigation)
    In-App Support Tools (Feedback Email and Help URL)

 Language Support

    English, Japanese, French, Spanish, Chinese, German, Russian, Italian

 MDM Integration

    MobileIron Integration – AppConnect & AppTunnel (Deployment, Central Configuration and Policies, Per-app VPN)


    Corporate Branding

 Custom Development

    Native custom development
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